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Private Dance Lessons

Private Lessons

Private Dance Lessons are available for individuals, couples or small groups, a great way to improve your dancing fast!

These help by giving;


  • Individual attention from the principal instructor

  • Learning at your desired rate

  • More attention to detailed technique

  • Experience how an advanced partner could feel

  • Focus on your individual needs


Private lessons are best suited to either;

  • Individuals who want to excel in their chosen dance

  • Dancers from other styles who want to quickly get up to speed in a new style

  • Individuals who are looking to progress into competitions

  • Pro/Am Competition training

If you have never danced before and want to give it a try but not sure on a group class, private lessons maybe a good way to start to build your confidence with one to one focus 

We offer:

  • 30 mins £20 - great for individuals or couples who are just finding their dancing feet, so want to build their confidence


  • 1 hour £38 - suited for individuals/couples who have dancing experience and wanting to perfect it

We do offer longer private lessons too but would recommend these for couples who attend regular group classes or who are competitive couples

(We respectfully request a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If you fail to give at least 24 hours you will be required to pay for your lesson.  The cancellation policy gives us time to potentially fill this time slot)  

If you require more information please feel free to contact us

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