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Why Dancing?

How long have you sat at home watching Strictly Come Dancing and thought how do they do that?

Have you been looking for a dance school near you ?

Could this year be the year of learning something new?

Dancing is great for lots of reasons here is but a few .

Great Fun

Dancing can be a great way of expressing yourself, with varied abilities in our classes our tailored approach to dancing helps you become more comfortable and find the dances you like. 



With group classes you get to meet new people, interact and all learn at a pace that is comfortable with you, with friendly instruction from our team the classes are here to help you feel relaxed.

We run regular themed nights including Halloween Dance, Christmas Dance and Social Evenings

If initially you think the one to one approach may work better for you private lessons are available. 

Staying Fit

Dance has been proven as a great way to lose weight should you wish.

It helps improve the blood flow through the increase in heart rate whilst helping to improve core strength, muscle tone, posture and overall stamina by becoming fitter.

Something New

Never again do you have to worry at weddings/social events when someone asks those dreaded words "are you coming to dance"

The more you dance the easier it becomes to pick up new styles, if the competitive side shines through we can help in competitions both nationally and internationally, or maybe just taking your medal tests?, only you know the level you wish to get to, but we know we can help you find your maximum potential.

Why dance in Nottingham
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