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Quiz Time!!!

***Remember to answer and submit both the Ballroom and  Latin section***

Ballroom section

1: Waltz question - How many steps would you have done if you danced a whisk and chasse without the preparation steps?
2: Tango question - Which country did the Tango originate?
3: Foxtrot question - Whose favourite dance is this?
4: Quickstep question - Complete this well known Quickstep song "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that....."?
5: Viennese Waltz - What is the name of the rotational step that is done on the spot and generally in the centre of the dance floor?


Latin section

6: Cha Cha question - Complete the lyrics to this tradional song. "Everybody loves to......?"
7: Samba question - Where does the Samba originate from?
8: Rumba question - Which beat do you normally hold in the Rumba?
9: Paso Doble question: What is the correct name for a stamp step in the Paso Doble?
10: Jive question - The Hip Bump isn't danced correctly unless you say?


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